Sweden Ace Cosplay (ace_of_sweden) wrote,
Sweden Ace Cosplay

Hetalia in Winterland II

The Group:
Canada / Matthew Williams: exorcistor & Lisa
America / Alfred F. Jones: shisukoisa & exorcistor

The Photographers:
shisukoisa & exorcistor

Editing by:
shisukoisa & exorcistor


Canada, on his way from his mountain cottage to go meet...

America, who is very, very unhappy with having to wait in the cold.

For some reason, Canada is running a little late.

America: Where is that slowpoke?

Canada: [lalala walking~]

Canada: Hello, brother! How are y--

America: YOU'RE LATE YO! D:

Canada: Well, I'm sorry if it took some time to walk the four kilometres from--
America: Yeah whatever I'm bored with you already. LET'S GET GOING!

And this is what they're doing today!

Canada: Isn't it a great day for skiing, eh?

America can't but agree.

America: I'mma show you how a real HERO handles the skis!

And he did. He did.

The day ended with some American bruises, quite a few Canadian laughters, and two big cups of hot cocoa ♥

Hope you enjoyed! ^^
Tags: hetalia, videos

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