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Supernatural; we are pro!profound bond

The Group:
Castiel: shisukoisa
Dean Winchester: exorcistor

The Photographers:
Editing by exorcistor & aadamoo


This is the story of a hunter and his angel.

They like to look at one another for very long periods of time.

Everyone was wondering why they always stood so close to one another.
Inspiration for this picture is here.

To answer that question, we will give you: "Free to Be You and Me - The Lost Scene"

You all know of which we're talking, don't you?

That's right.

That one.

But even the good things must come to an end.

And sometimes lying is the only way, despite how it may break your heart.

Dean would never admit it when not high on goo-sandwich, but we know he misses Cas.

So were he to return to him...

He should welcome him back with open arms.

If he knows what's best for him, that is.

"Don't leave again, Cas. Please."

"...I won't leave, Dean."

"... why are you looking at me like that?"

[theatrical yawn]

Castiel: "What are you doing, Dean?"
Dean: "You looked cold."
Castiel: "I am an angel; temperature does not affect me."
Dean: "... [eyeroll] Just go with it, okay?"
Castiel: "...oh, you mean you want to be intimate."
Dean: "asdfghjas CAS."

Sammy's not watching is he?

Apparently not.

Dean and Castiel~ sitting in a tree~

Or, er, laying in the snow. This was so frikken' cold, you guys.

Picking up the pieces of what was left behind?

And a little (completely necessary!) derp at the end!

I hope you enjoyed our little photospam! We had so much fun taking these pictures, even though it was freezing cold that day and Matti (Cas) ended up spending half a week in bed with a cold because of it.

[edit] This post has inspired some really gorgeous drabbles by xlamentcasx, which you should really go check out!
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