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[TUTORIAL] How to make the "samulet"

You'll need:
1) Clay tool
2) Cotton string
3) Gold spray paint
4) Oven hardening clay

Make a ball out of the selected amount of clay (use reference pictures!). I’ve chosen a coppery hue as base to make it look realistically “worn” once the paint-job is done.

Be sure to spin the ball gently between your palms for a while to make the clay soft and easy to work with.

Shape the ball into a base shape with your fingers.

Carefully shape the face by pushing the clay inwards toward the shape you want.

Use the tip of the clay tool carve the details.

When you make the hole, measure your chosen string carefully so the hole will be big enough. Also push the tool into the hole from both ends to smooth the surface.

Now it’s oven time! Read the instructions on the package for time and settings.

When the clay has cooled, it’s time to paint your samulet! I use spray paint for a smoother surface. Make certain that you use a high gloss paint, or the gold will not look as realistic.

OBS! ALWAYS USE SPRAY PAINT OUTDOORS. Keep your distance from the samulet when spraying it, to get the paint as even as possible. Let the paint dry for as long as you can before wearing it!

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